choco rex sing song @itschocorex in career floop .

choco rex a.k.a anambra boy.. D
man who came to lime light in
after making a clever remix of d
hit song show ur style frm sabi is
a career dificulty..
In an exclucive interview with d
young star he said he met a label
towards d end of 2012 who
axked him to do a song to see if
he can b
signed.he did d song titled
azonto n delivered to them,six
later he was caled back to do two
more songs for final review
which he
did titled coupe decale n no kill
me ft yung T …d song was given
little hype n days leta it was
confirmed that they are ready to
make a
deal n choco wax signed in july
2013…he went for couple of
shows n
made little pay. D problem now is
that the singer said d label hasnt
done as expected and that he has
a lot of songs in the official
but they dont want to spend
money n release d songs n
him…yet they wont let him be on
his own…the young star has said
wants to leave d label but he
needs his songs n datas befor he
goes d label says no bt
unless he his ready to refund all
as well as other benefits to them..


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