Tips for nigerian upcomming artists by choco rex

For those upcoming in the music
industry,here is a little tip on how to go
about you career as a starter.
1. Record a good song, Sample opinions
from a bunch of people (friends &
strangers alike) and be sure at least 60%
or more like the song.
2. Prepare urself as a product. Work on
your image and be sure ure “attractive”
to the average person that comes across
u or ur music.
3. Get ready to perform. create
performance routines, find an exciting
way to deliver ur song to any audience
that will leave an impression.
4. Create an EPK (Electronic press kit)
which includes good photos, a bio and ur
music. Make sure its of a size that can be
sent as an email.
5. Once u are SURE ur song is good to go,
make as many copies of ur CD as possible.
I’d say at least 1,000 (Make sure ur CD art
has ur info)
6. Create a myspace, twitter, facebook fan
page, reverbnation and upload ur EPK to
each of them including your song,
photos, bio etc.
7. Make a list of radio stations within ur
reach. I advice that u start with regional
promo. Its easier to manage. Nationwide
can come later.
8. Make a list of the nightclubs and places
where music is played publicly within
your reach. Again, regional promo is
easier to manage.
9. Make a list of DJs and Radio
personalities within your reach.
10. Every entertainment journalist that
has a column in a magazines or
newspaper has an email address. Make a
list of all of them.
11. Get all this lists you have compiled
together and create a realistic timeline of
how long it will take to contact
12. Create an email address and in the
signature section, include all your twitter,
fb, reverbnation info and link to your
13. Send ur EPK to every contact on your
list that you can reach via email and start
booking appointments for the ones u
cant reach.
14. Get your CDs to all the Radio DJs, club
DJs, bars, Night clubs, Radio stations,
Radio personalities, and everyone on
your list.
15. Start your online campaign, start
building your fanbase by sending your
music to people. Do everything in ur
power for ppl to listen.
If you follow the above tips,you’re such
on ur way to the top…
But also note: things don’t happen at
once,they take gradual process,so be
patient and work hard.


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