Get to know chygoz @gbedubaba exclusive interview

1.goodafternoon mr chygoz and ow er u?
Ans. I’m doing ok chygoz giv us a brief history abt u
and ur family background?
Ans. I’m the last child in a family of 3
children. Born in the famous AJ city in lagos,
attended secondary school in abuja and
moved to Abia state university where I
studied mass-communication and I just
rounded up my NYSC programme in makurdi
Benue state..
3.whats ur favourite food,colour and car?
Ans. Hahaha my favourite food still remains
fufu and egusi soup….. I love yellow colour
with a passion and I’m a very big admirer of
Rangerover sports
4.dat name gbedubaba tell us ow e
Ans. Well. “Gbedu” in yoruba language
means groove and I think I bring groove to
the club with ma style of party bangers So I
decided to adopt the name “gbedu-baba”
which means. The father of groove
5.who are ur mentors?
Ans. I luv 2face with a passion….hey
#nohomo lol. He inspires me a lot. I listen to
T-pain a lot. I tink he’s a good singer aside
autotune.. And yes…. Duncan-mighty.. I
learn a lot from his vocals. I tink he
understands music.
6.why did u pic this artistic name?does it
hold any sentimental attachment?
Ans. I pick these people cos they re realy
good and keeping it real…. will you describe your lyrical style?
Ans. Naturally I’m an R/B singer I know that.
But I still developed a way too of bouncing
on up tempo beats. And I do it perfectly
“smiles” do u gather ur song writting
inspiration?do u write d full song
or get a chorus and jump in d studio?
Ans. Uuuuum…. Inspiration to me comes
anytime… Sometimes in bathroom or even
while just walking. Dats why I don’t joke
with my recorder on ma phone. I just sing it
out to ma phone when it comes and wen I
go to the studio, I try to make something
out of it….
9.why do u desire to pursue music?and
does ur family and frnds support u?
Ans. Music to me is not just something I do. I
was born to sing and O yes I have 100
percent support from ma parents. My Dad
even got me my 1st guitar
10.who are your clossest compititors in the
Ans. Hehehehe….. This na hard question o…..
Well my closest compititors still remain my
fellow upcomers. Those guys up there don’t
scare me cos I know its just a matter of time
and chance. Name just work for most of
them right now.
11.if u have the oppourtunity to feature a
nigerian male and female
singer who would they be?and who would
u like to do d beat?
Ans. OMG halleluya. Abeg give me 2baba
sharp sharp lol. And omawumi no go be
bad idea sha ooooo.. NIYI-P on the beat
anytime your family musical?
Ans. Yea. In an oldschool way tho…. Popsy
was a choir master and mumsy was in dat
same choir…….dat was whre the sharpman
married her from o. Lol
13.where were u born and raised up?
Ans. Born In ajegunle lagos….. Raised in
Abuja do u balance your music with other
Ans. Since music is a part of me right now, it
doesn’t realy disturb any of my activities. I
just find a way to blend it and it works
perfectly. do you cope with your extreme
fans? Galx expecially?
Ans. Its not quite easy tho. Sometimes u
realy wish you can reply every single one of
them via facebook, twitter and all but the
fact is that its not just possible. But I love my
fans. Cos they give me a reason to push on u get nervous before a performance?
Ans. Hahaha….. I no go lie bros. Yes o….. I’ve
noticed its just a normal thing but the
moment I step into the stage, it runs off
17.what project are you working on
Ans. My album my album and my album.
18.if u were not a musician what would u
have been?
Ans. Probably a presenter I’ve got passion
for that too u a student or working class?
Ans. Working and still pursuing ma carrier
cos I tink there’s need for a plan B.
20.what change would you like to see in the
music industry?
Ans. I ll like to see a situation where all
singers would be given the same platform
to shine cos right now, money is realy
blinding so many promoters and presenters
21.which female singer do u have feelings
Ans. Hmmmmmmmmmm. None. No vex would u advice upcomming artist?
Ans. Simple just be yourself keep doing what
u re doing. Na just a matter of time and
chance and of cos you have to place yourself
to be discovered long have u been with niyi p?and
tell us abt ur record label?
Ans. I’ve been with Niyi-P from 2003 wen I
recorded my 1st ever song… He’s like a big
brother to me right now. Not just a
producer…. And YES I just got signed to
24.what type of frnds do u have?singers like
u or u roll wit normal peeps?
Ans. Meeeen my friends are my friends o. Be
you singer or listener. We are one last word for ur fans
Ans. God still remains the key to success.


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