1. Stop Giving Your Number Out To Every Dick
& Harry! No man would want to propose
marriage to a lady whose phone is always
Talking and laughing with unserious calls.
You may not be a playgirl, but he would judge
you as one, and will likely flee at the slightest
chance or disagreement.
2. Excessive makeup turns most decent and
serious-minded men off- if you have
observed, you will discover that most men
dislike excessive makeup, and more don’t
even like it at all; reason they often times
discourage their true loved ones to do away
with it cos it speaks ill of a lady even though
so many men will applaud and complement
you for looking like an Egyptian mummy. A
slight makeup is okay; but if you are out for
marriage, try always to look simple and
natural, it will attract better men, decent and
serious-minded, except you are still living in
your high school Life and not thinking
towards marriage.
3. You Give Everything Out During Dating- As a
single lady who has not been taken to the
altar, you need to reserve some things for
your husband to be, especially your body,
respect it and preserve it at all cost. In the
past, men rushed to marry to get certain
things or privileges they had been constantly
denied while being single. Such privileges
include and not limited to: constant sex and
companionship, good food and tidied home,
etc. But today, a single man gets even the best
and of course more of constant sex, good
food and excellent home- keeping more than
his married counterparts, so tell me how the
hell you want him to desire to marry you
when you have given him virtually everything
he desires from a wife while being his
girlfriend? And the most painful part of it all is
that he knows that you are prepared to cut
down on sex supply, cooking, home-keeping,
etc once he marries you, so why would he not
want you to remain his girlfriend for life?
4. You Package Yourself Wrongly- in your
attempt to look sexy, stunning αnd adorable..
I love Ur sisters!


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