Choco rex sing song salutes @kellyhansome gov. rotimi and fans that supported in #saveojb @ojbjiggaman also blasts @julietibrahim

Its no longer news that ojb is not too fine….and needs some quick medical attention, tank god for kellyhansome who came out with a message (a song – save ojb) and reached out to different people who came ợụt to help our broda…-..kelly keep it up god go make u more bigger…-also I want to thank every one who has contributed to dis movement frm dose that sent him somthing to his account and so on.i also salute those celibrities who supported him osheyyyyyyy …also not for getting gov. Rotimi amachi ..god bless u sir….

Finally I want to let juliet ibrahim know that she is not a nigerian and there fore not entitled to our matters….-if you wants to help you can do that silently and not by dissing ojb to disgrace ur self…its nigerians who shld complain..

Next time keep off nigerian gossip if u dnt av somthing good to say

To ojb
Bro get well soon


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